Contact and explain us your profile, experience and your current trading plan, we´ll personalize one of our courses to suit you, given you availability and knowledge.

The most important  for us is adapt to you, we don’t want to be one more “online course” like thousand and thousand exists, in fact we only bring you like we would have liked found in our beginnings.

With our experience we know all personal situations, concerns and emotions are as important as a great strategy. For all, before to start a course, we prefer listen from your trading knowledge and experience

We’re fully open to collaborate with some other traders or analysts, sharing experiences or knowledge in our web space, if you’re interested to collaborate writing posts or opinions, feel free to contact us . We shun  the common attitude “guru” and all “magic signals services”, our commitment is help you to be free in your management. Unfortunately in last times have proliferated around trading hundreds of scammers, brokers-gurus, and celebrated with very dubious reputation, we don’t want to fatten this plague.

We want to hear you soon #tradeyourlife