Check our courses description content, ask us all your questions and decide which suits more your needs. Our trading courses are based on proved strategies and developed by experienced traders that continuously improve all strategies with “try-failure” method.

Nevertheless, the most important issue is student can achieve great ratios, minimizing risks and continuously growing their account.


Have a strategy and solid trading plan

Adapting strategy at yourself

Tested strategy by us, will save up you time and money, and will be a great starting point to build a solid management and achieve consistency


Learn market and software details make the difference


Control your software and know all peculiarities of market like schedule, timetable, expiration dates, news, historical data, regulations etc


Learn to manage trades and risk

Trading and risk management

Manage market positions with criterion, defining TakeProfit and StopLoss points to achieve sustainable ratios. Learn to adjust goals and max lose for position


The most forgotten, but surely the key

Learn more about yourself to manage

Work in your psychology management will improve your trading more than some other issues. Have a daily tracking of our trading will make you consistent


Training course designed to learn trading on American Stocks, most important market and with major liquidity in the world, and that gives us the best opportunities. All characteristics of American Stocks makes it imperative learn Tape Reading, Level2+Time and Sales, ECN selection and some other particularities unknowns outside USA, and for it this bring us the opportunity to trade with the same arms like Institutional Investors. The strategies are only to trade with DirectMarketAcces+L2 providers. (Professional Training Course)
Training course to learn trade Index, FX and Commodities with a tested strategy, Swing Trading or Day Trading valid strategy  to use with Market Makers or ECN/STP providers, at operator’s choice. (Advanced Training Course)


      • Courses with tested strategies, which good managed could get you positive ratios results
      • We don’t trade accounts, and we don’t want to be gurus, just share you our accumulated experience
      • We don’t have 3th parties, that force us to make you trade  with nobody or nothing in particular
      • We’ll follow your knowledge curve, helping you to control your risk and exposition, measured and controlled according your possibilities
      • We can adapt our existing strategies at your profile, and we’ll recommend your best setup and time-frame
      • We design together a trading plan with achievable goals, with the challenge of increase your positions progressively
      • We know our philosophy isn’t the most common, but we use it because we would like have started this way


Take a trading course isn’t warranty of success, don’t be fooled by what you read online. Our commitment is to help you achieve consistency. To do it, we propose follow your trading steps, helping you to create a daily roadmap with achievable goals, and for this we’ll be in touch beyond the course, if you need.