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The sale of financial products can result in a substantial, complete or even greater loss of the funds initially invested and, therefore, should only be done with risk capital and under the sole responsibility of the investor. The definition of risk capital are funds that are not necessary for the survival or well-being of the user.

From tradeyourlife.com is our goal as a website that the user gets the maximum training and knowledge of financial products so you can make decisions for yourself or under the tutelage or recommendation of regulated professionals dedicated to this task. That is why we strongly recommend that a user that is considering the possibility of acting in financial products such as those described above or any, that spends the appropriate time to read through the document that all financial products offer, the conditions of the same, the risks involved and the possible losses in which it may occur, or failing that request the supplier, broker or securities house the relevant document to understand the conditions of the product.

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The use of suppliers or Brokers that offer regulated products, in countries where legislation obliges said suppliers to inform the client of the conditions and risk of the products is the best choice for the user, we invite the user to access any savings or investment product, search and report on a provider that offers maximum regulation in countries that offer maximum guarantees and security, escaping from those who are domiciled in countries that do not offer such guarantees and security.

Statistics published in the media talk that more than 72.1% of retail investors’ accounts lose money in CFD marketing should consider if they understand the functioning of CFDs and if they can afford to assume a high risk of losing their money, as well as the use of other products derived or not, but highly complex for a minosista.

Due to this, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has limited the sale of contracts for difference (CFD) since July 2, 2018.

The restrictions that the commercialization of CFD has suffered fix the limits of the leverage to the positions that are already open, impose the obligation to close the positions to the accounts in the case of fused guarantees above 50% for the set of positions, and establish a protection mechanism against negative balances at the client’s account level

They also prevent the use of incentives to customers by CFD providers, and establish a standardized warning on the risk corresponding to each entity. All these measures are important Before taking into account, since CFDs have been used by many brokers to merge the accounts of many small investors, from Tradeyourlife.com we want nobody to fall into the urpas of these brokers, and that is why we recommend readers of the web use only products that you know, regulated brokers and that you obtain all the possible information about the broker’s solvency, its origin and its regulatory entity that guarantees the funds, only then we will achieve among all, that the brokers “Scammers” disappear and that the investment in derivative products is made with maximum transparency and security for a retailer. WE READ TO CAREFULLY READ THE NEW EUROPEAN REGULATIONS THAT HELP THESE PRACTICES THAT HAVE BEEN PRODUCED FOR MANY YEARS IN THE FORGETFUL ENG.www.esma.europa.eu ( European Securities and Markets Association)